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    NFC Communications Problems

    I'm developing a midlet to communicate with contactless Javacards. I can start a session between 6131 NFC and the card but anywhere between 0 and 20 APDUs later I get a "java.io.IOException: Communications error(0x0F)"
    The card is not moving in the field.

    1 - Does anyone have any suggestions for making the communications more reliable?

    2 - Does anyone know how to recover from the communications error to continue the session. (without restting the external Javacard)


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    Re: NFC Communications Problems


    I have the same problem but always on the first APDU. Have youre solved your problem? how?



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    Re: NFC Communications Problems

    I have the same problem.
    The problem seems to occur when the apdu response length is 256 byte.
    Have you solved this problem? how?



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    Exclamation Re: NFC Communications Problems

    The 6131 firmware receive buffer size seems to be 256 bytes. If the data size requested by the APDU is larger than 256 bytes (incl. protocol overhead) the phone will generate an IO exception when the buffer overflows. You should not request more than 253 bytes in every one 'exchangeData(APDU)'.

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