so, i got a Nokia N70 and an Arduino Bluetooth-Device, which sends data every 40ms.
This data should now be timestamped correctly, for easier processing afterwards.

I wrote a script which works like this:
for i in range(0, len(value)):
   value[i] = bt_readline()
   timer[i] = time.clock()
The timestamps of the received data should look like this ideally:
ts 0.1000 ts-diff 40.00
ts 0.1400 ts-diff 40.00
ts 1.1800 ts-diff 40.00
(First value is timer[i], second is (timer[i]-timer[i-1])*1000 )

What it actually looks like is this:
ts 5389.421875 ts-diff 46.875 
ts 5389.453125 ts-diff 31.25 
ts 5389.515625 ts-diff 62.5 
ts 5389.5625 ts-diff 46.875 
ts 5389.578125 ts-diff 15.625 
ts 5389.625 ts-diff 46.875
, which is way to imprecise.

So any help on preserving the intervals, in which the data is send, would be gladly appreciated.
Thanks in advance