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    print function in WML

    Is there a function in WML to send the WAP page to a (printing) device (e.g. via infrared, bluetooth, SMS)?


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    RE: print function in WML


    at least I haven't heard/found that kind of functionality on the WML specification.

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    RE: print function in WML

    Hmm... you could use something like www.faxaway.com.

    1. your server returns Page X.
    2. Page X includes a button "Get Hardcopy"
    3. This button takes the WAP device to a page requesting a fax number
    4. User submits that to an ASP page.
    5. ASP sends an e-mail (with the content from Page X) to faxnumber@faxaway.com
    6. Faxaway's system automatically faxes the Page X content to the user.

    How's that?

    BTW There's probably plenty more people doing the same thing as Faxaway but they were the first ones to come to mind.

    Good luck.


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