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    Beginner... Help ! !!

    Hi, I m a beginner. What are the HARDWARE requirements and configurations that I need, to set up a wap-appliation on a handset through a PC (definitely other than the PC and a handset)?
    One of my application is aimed to retrieve a database (which is on the PC) through a handset. Will that necessiate PC to be a WAP server/gateway ?
    If you are from India, can you clear a confusion----are our local services like BPL-MOTs and others a WAP-based service?


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    RE: Beginner... Help ! !!


    I hope I understood your question correctly.

    For WAP connections you'll need a dialin server (can be as simple as a phone acting as a modem and a RAS server), a WAP gateway/server (can be in your PC, if there's no extensive use) and a content server (can be in the same PC). Naturally you would have to build some logic to the server side to access your database.

    Hope this answered your question,

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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