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Thread: Graph drawing

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    Graph drawing

    hi to all frnds
    i want to draw a graph in my mobile by using diff values can anyone help for this application?
    Keyur Tank, B.E.I.T
    Gujrat, India

    Pys-60 1.4.0 with Nokia N-72
    Symbian C++,Python

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    Re: Graph drawing

    I think you havent checked the Wiki yet...

    Here is the code

    from __future__ import generators
    def arange(start, stop=None, step=None):
        if stop is None:
            stop = float(start)
            start = 0.0
        if step is None:
            step = 1.0
        cur = float(start)
        while cur < stop:
            yield cur
            cur += step
    from appuifw import *
    app.body = canvas = Canvas()
    width, height = canvas.size
    def axes(xyrange, position=[18, height-11, width-10, 10], formatter=lambda x:x):
        global left, bottom, right, top, min_x, min_y, scale_x, scale_y
        left, bottom, right, top = position
        min_x, max_x, step_x, min_y, max_y, step_y = xyrange
        scale_x = float(right-left)/(max_x-min_x)
        scale_y = float(bottom-top)/(max_y-min_y)
        canvas.rectangle([(left,top), (right+1, bottom+1)], 0)
        for x in arange(min_x, max_x, step_x):
            canvas.text((14+scale_x*(x-min_x), height-1), unicode(formatter(x)))
            canvas.point((left+scale_x*(x-min_x), bottom-1), 0)
            canvas.point((left+scale_x*(x-min_x), top+1), 0)
        for y in arange(min_y, max_y, step_y):
            canvas.text((2, bottom+2-scale_y*(y-min_y)), unicode(formatter(y)))
            canvas.point((left+1, bottom-scale_y*(y-min_y)), 0)
            canvas.point((right-1, bottom-scale_y*(y-min_y)), 0)
    def plot(xs, ys=None):
        if ys==None:
            ys = xs
            xs = range(len(ys))
        last = left+(xs[0]-min_x)*scale_x, bottom-(ys[0]-min_y)*scale_y
        for i in range(1, len(ys)):
            p = left+(xs[i]-min_x)*scale_x, bottom-(ys[i]-min_y)*scale_y
            canvas.line([last, p], 0x00000ff)
            last = p
        canvas.point(last, 0x0000ff)
    axes([0,3.1,.5, 1,4.1,.5])
    The Above code plots a straight line.You can change the 2 commands at ends and get a graph of your choice.

    Hope that helps
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    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: Graph drawing

    Hi sam_tank and welcome to the forum

    Check the canvas object on the PyS60 doc. There you'll see all the different objects you can draw on it and their attributes.

    To croozeus. Use the code tag (# button) to post some source code and not QUOTE; it keeps the indents. So please edit your previous post to make the modification that we can read properly your source example.

    Nokia E61 3rd Edition - pys60 1.4.0

    Tips and modules:

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    Re: Graph drawing


    Sorry Mate i had given a quick reply. I will be careful next time.
    Pankaj Nathani

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