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    Unhappy Is it possible for S60 3rd Edition to use SVG in Java ME?

    I am working in a project that need to use SVG Tiny in Java ME application,
    and the development should base on a S60 3rd Edition device......

    Is it possible to make S60 3rd Edition able to use SVG in Java ME?
    i.e., is it possible for me to make a N93i support JSR226?


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    Re: Is it possible for S60 3rd Edition to use SVG in Java ME?

    If the device does not support JSR-226 by default (by the manufacturer), you cannot add the support yourself (of course, you can write your own application classes that do the same thing, as long as no direct hardware or native operating system calls are required, but that you can implement things on top of existing JSRs by your own code).

    What JSR's different Nokia devices support you can find from http://forum.nokia.com/devices

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