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    File Info Detail

    Hi all!
    I wanna obtain from a file, for example e:\images\prova.jpg
    the attributes of 'date', 'hour', 'kb size'...
    How i can do it?
    Thanx bye

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    Re: File Info Detail

    To do that you need to use the "os" module:

    from os import *
    statinfo = stat('e:\images\prova.jpg') #store the info as statinfo
    size = statinfo.st_size #size in bytes
    mtime = statinfo.st_mtime #when it was modified last (in the unix time stamp format)
    ctime = statinfo.st_mtime #when it was created (in the unix time stamp format)
    more info at:http://docs.python.org/lib/os-file-dir.html

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    Re: File Info Detail


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