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    About logwrap.h logwrap.inl

    Hi !

    I need some help about these files. I'm doing some changes in this object called CLogEvent. We have in the file logwrap.h the following private variables:

    TLogId iId;
    TUid iEventType;
    TTime iTime;
    TLogDurationType iDurationType;
    TLogDuration iDuration;
    TContactItemId iContact;
    TLogLink iLink;
    TLogFlags iFlags;
    HBufC* iDescription;
    HBufC* iRemoteParty;
    HBufC* iDirection;
    HBufC* iStatus;
    HBufC* iSubject;
    HBufC* iNumber;
    HBufC8* iData;

    I am including one more, called HBufC* Network, and I created the respective methods to Set and Get this variable, just like we have for the others.

    So I implemented the code in the file logwrap.inl .
    But I have realized that I need to find WHERE this variables are initialized, because, as u can see in logwrap.inl (if u don't know, these files are from SDK library), we have there:

    inline void CLogEvent::SetSubject(const TDesC& aSubject)
    /** Sets the subject of this event.

    The subject is represented by a string.

    The string is copied into a pre-allocated heap descriptor that has a maximum
    length of KLogMaxSubjectLength.
    If the length of the specified descriptor
    is greater than KLogMaxSubjectLength, then the data is truncated.

    @param aSubject The subject. */
    TPtr ptr(iSubject->Des());
    ptr.Copy(aSubject.Ptr(), Min(aSubject.Length(), ptr.MaxLength()));

    I tried to do the same method, but for my new variable Network. And I'm getting the error KERNEXEC-3 and crashed the app. And the error is in
    the highlighted line code, just because, I think, I didn`t initialized the variable. So I tried to do that inside this method, and everytime it passes there I got the error USER 44 , because of the kind of declaration pointer and initialization I think.

    So, anyone could help me to find WHERE I need to initilize this variables in
    logwrap.h file?


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    Re: About logwrap.h logwrap.inl

    what about doing it like this:



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    Re: About logwrap.h logwrap.inl

    Hi! But as I said, I tried it and didn't work.
    It's because when I do the red part of:


    it is already a error, because iOperatorLongName, my new variable added,
    it isn't initialized, just declared in logwrap.h file.

    And I need to find where these variables in .h file are initialized, because
    u can see in the comment (The string is copied into a pre-allocated heap descriptor), that they are pre-allocated somewhere, and I have no idea where is it....

    Please, do u have any idea?


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    Re: About logwrap.h logwrap.inl

    Just to complement more information, if I try:

    inline void CLogEvent::SetNetwork(const TDesC& aOperatorLongName)
    RFileLogger iLog;
    iLog.Write(_L("Vou setar!"));

    //iOperatorLongName = HBufC::NewL(30);
    //iOperatorLongName = aOperatorLongName.AllocLC();

    to do this, like in the lines commented, it "works", but the app crashes like I said because of the declaration pointer, and the way to alloc memory, and got the error USER 44 or 54 i think, don't remember.

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