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    Autostarting application when in contact with a reader?


    I'm a little new to all this, but I had a question regarding autostarting applications when something tries to read from the 6131's secure element.
    I ask this because the 6131 NFC phone seems to do something like this in this demo video when making a payment (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0HNGl0BnYk) (payment part is near the end) and I would like to do something similar.

    I understand how you can use PushRegistry to autostart applications when the phone comes into contact with a tag, but I couldn't see a good way to do the same when in proximity to a reader, but maybe I'm just blind.

    Also, if it is possible, is there anyway to differentiate which application to run when in contact with different readers?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Autostarting application when in contact with a reader?


    The video you refer to doesn't use this feature : it uses the branding functions.
    Branding functions are J2ME apis that can associate an AID and a sound + a mini image (back of nokia 6131) + a full screen image (main screen).
    So when the external reader select the application (in the SE), the phone displays the images and play the sound. It is automatic and "passive", no interaction with user or J2ME.

    I'm searching a way to wake up or launch a J2ME midlet in card emulation mode, too.
    I'm investigating the javax.microedition.contactless.TransactionListener#externalReaderDetected method but no succeed yet.

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    Re: Autostarting application when in contact with a reader?


    i think you people can watch this links (examples)




    hope this helps you


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