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    Connectivity problems w/ 6370 phone

    I give up! I can't believe how much time I've put into trying to get my 6370 phone to connect to my computer. If you can help me, I will name my next child after you. I have a Windows 98 OS, Nokia PC Suite 4.6 (downloaded at least 10 times, 'just to be sure I had the latest version'). Program will not see phone when installing program, or when starting program (says, 'Your phone is not connected. Please connect your phone and try again" when I try New Synchronization). It will, however, see the phone when re-starting computer with DLR-3P cable connected to phone and COM-1. It refers to it by name (Nokia 6370), and says that it found a new Data/Fax modem. I have uninstalled my Activesync and Palm's connectivity programs in addition to my anti-virus and firewall programs, just in case). I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Nokia's technical people to no avail. They said that I must have a problem with the phone or cable and to take it to a service center, which I did, and nothing was wrong. I also tried the aftermarket BAFO IrDA USB port and got close, but no cigar. The computer through the IR Device manager would see the phone and call it by name, but it wouldn't keep the connection long enough to do anything. I played with the connection speed, and it didn't seem to help. Periodically, it will keep the connection for longer periods of time, but when I try to open the Nokia PC Suite, it will either disconnect the phone, or not see it at all and give me the same message mentioned above.

    I have been able to transfer my contacts to my phone one by one using my Palm device's IR port to the phone, but it would be nice to organize them and back them up on my computer.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    RE: Connectivity problems w/ 6370 phone


    It seems that the error could only be caused by incorrect configuration. I would recommend to check if the COM-port settings are correct and that there is no other software that could have any affect on the connection installed on your PC. Remove all unnecessary software that could cause problems and after that install the Nokia PC Suite again. If you still have connection problems check all possible configuration choices.

    You can also test the connection by using Windows HyperTerminal and sending AT-commands to the phone. If there is no problems with the connection when using AT-commands the configuration of COM-port should be correct.

    Nokia PC Suite does not support external adapters as it is needed that Windows sees those adapters as physical COM-ports.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
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    if you are using BAFO(simtel) usb-IR then you may try the following

    This is the solution that I found from irda.org newsgroup and I have verified it. thanks to wouter.

    Re: More Nokia 7210 IrDA Issues - 3/10/2003 - wouter
    Message Text:

    go to control panel / wireless link / hardware / properties / advanced, and select Vishay 6101E, trunaround=1 Ms / speed enable=115200. It will work.

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