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    Bluetooth image exchange fragmented with S60 and not with S40 phones!!!


    I have a client connecting to a server over 'rfcomm' and receiving an image from the server of about 50KB. This is how I send the image from the server:

    DataOutputStream dOut = new DataOutputStream(dOut.writeInt(data.length);
    and this is how I receive it in the client:

    for (len = din.read(buf); len > 0; len = din.read(buf)) {
         bout.write(buf, 0, len);
         //print the chunk size on the phone screen 
         printOnScreen("Size of the chuck is " + len);
    data = bout.toByteArray();
    If the client (the receiver) is an S40 phone (I tryed with Nokia 6234) I get the 50KB image as a single chunk and almost instantaneously.
    If instead the client is an S60 phone (N80 or E65) the image is fragmented in chunk of 512 bytes (I know it since it is printed on the phone screen) and it takes about 4 seconds to be transferred from the server (for the same image). This is really a lot!!!

    The problem is then only on the receiver side. Does anybody know what's happening here? I have tried many times and with different phones... Has the JSR82 changed between S40 and S60? Is it the Symbian S60 itself causing this problem of image fragmentation?

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