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    compiling and auto-running py code


    I'm looking for solutions for 2 rather basic problems I've encountered, and although I found a few references, none of them was clear enough (well maybe it's only me :-D ) anyways, here it goes:

    1) How do I compile a .py file into SIS (better yet, SISX) file? what tools should be used (I've read the Nokia guide, but the tools mentioned there didn't work for me). Does anyone have a complete tool for signing SIS files (again, the guides I found couldn't help me).
    2) How can I cause a Python program to run at device startup (i.e. when the phone is turned on)?

    Many thanks ahead!

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    Re: compiling and auto-running py code

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    Nokia E66
    PyS60 1.4.4 final

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