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    E-90: Not connecting to WLAN

    Hi everybody, I recently purchased E-90. I used it with my personal (home) wi-fi LAN. It worked fine for three days. After that, it stopped detecting the WLAN. All my other computers (Desktop & Notebook) are functioning fine with the WLAN. Can anyone help/advise me about the problem.

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    Re: E-90: Not connecting to WLAN

    Hard to say without more details. In any case, since you are not writing your own software (which is what this forum is for; developer discussions), try asking on the most appropriate discussion board here: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/discussions/

    When you go there, make sure you post sufficient details:

    what's your home WLAN/Wi-Fi router?
    what securyty settings/protocols are used (WEP, WPA, encryption key length, etc.)?
    what were the exact steps you tried to use on your phone to connect?
    what happened (including any and all error messages, word-word-word)?

    Also, if it worked fine for three days, what did you or someone else do? Did you or someone else change anything on the WLAN/Wi-Fi router? Did you or someone else change something on the phone? Computers don't just stop working on their own; there's always a reason for it (something changed - settings were changed, configurations were changed, new software was installed, hardware broke down, etc.).

    Anyway, don't reply here, but go to the user discussion boards I provided a link to.

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