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    Monitor Per Process CPU Usage

    Hi all,

    I would like to monitor per process CPU usage and dump the output to a file/database every say 10 seconds.

    I would like to write the script in PyS60 but can't find any system libraries that will provide this level of process detail.

    The background to this question is that I recently bought an E61. However, sometimes it gets very hot in my pocket and the battery dies. I think the problem is a process that decides to run only when a light sensor is out or when the phone reaches a certain temperature. It is hard to replicate the problem at home when I have the SDK's task manager lying around.

    If I can write a script to do some monitoring I will be in a better position if the fault lies with the phone. Does anyone know of a library that I can use or even a command line program I can call on the phone from a Python script?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Monitor Per Process CPU Usage

    RThread::GetCpuTime should do the trick. To get percentage, you have to do some calculations.

    Never seen any Python module supporting this...

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