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    Unhappy Application terminates in series 60

    Hi, I am a developer in the project BluePad - http://bluepad.sourceforge.net - and when trying the .jar in a series 60 the app starts and then just quits!

    Until now, it is the only platform where this occurs but what's weird is that in a series 60 emulator and the app works just fine...

    Anyone has an idea of what's happening?

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    Re: Application terminates in series 60

    Hard to tell without knowing what the MIDlet tries to do exactly. I know the source is available in the CVS, but I had no time to check that out.


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    If it is just quitting, first make sure there is neither an Exception nor an Error thrown. Unfortunately, S60 does not report uncaught Throwables (as Series 30/40 does) and just quits instead.

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    Re: Application terminates in series 60

    Hi jay_ro! Welcome to Nokia Developer discussion Boards!!

    Just to add : If possible please try to find out at which point is the application crashing/exiting. May be you can create some check point and use log and write to a file or print on the screen.


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