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    Post SATSA ( JSR 177) support in N75

    Hi All,

    Can any body tell me whether N75 has implementation of
    SATSA-APDU optional package

    This provides an API to support communication with
    smart card applications using the APDU protocol.


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    Re: SATSA ( JSR 177) support in N75


    According to specs, JSR-177 support is there.

    Also (for permissions etc. required by that API):


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    Re: SATSA ( JSR 177) support in N75

    No, APDU package is not implemented yet on S60 phones. S60 3rd Edition implements only CRYPTO and PKI optional packages from SATSA APDU.
    The device pages do not contain this detailed information, unfortunately

    APDU is available on Series 40 phones starting from Series 40 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 phones


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