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    Unhappy how to view the designer of the application created.

    Calling all GEEKS,
    Well i am kinda new to carbide.c++ . i am using Carbide c++, and SD60 as template. i am trying to create a login form for my mobile application that had greated purpose in future.now i am using the hello world !! template to create my applicaion. name of my application is app1. now in Project window -> under the Src -> i can see the app1AppUi.cpp.

    now i want to add something in the user interface and also want to see the application interface.

    please help me in this.

    my troubled soul wud be in peace then

    please help

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    Re: how to view the designer of the application created.

    Are you trying to use the UI designer tool in Carbide?

    If the project was not created with the UI designer then you can't view and edit the UI in the designer.

    If you plan to use the graphical UI designer tool then you need to create a new project with the wizard (UI designer is only available with paid for licenses for Carbide). If not then you can see the UI in emulator by building and running your project from Carbide, then finding the application in the emulator that pops up and running it from there. To add new things to the UI you'll need to read about the relevant classes and add some code. I'd suggest this is the wrong place to get help on that and you should try the Symbian C++ -> Symbian User Interface section:

    Try searching there for what you want before posting though. People are much more likely to respond to specific questions.


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