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    Unable to install

    Hi all,

    just to be absolutely sure - can you confirm:

    if a DLL has ALL -TCB and the .sis package is signed with a certificate which contains only ALL -TCB -DRM it will not be possible to install this DLL, right?

    So I have to lower the capabilities for this DLL to be ALL -TCB -DRM, right?


    Rene Heuven
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    Re: Unable to install


    2.30 Why are DLL capabilities needed?
    DLL capabilities should not be regarded as “what a DLL is capable of doing,” but rather
    what environment it is trusted to work in. A DLL must have equal or greater capabilities
    than the loading process. Once loaded, a DLL runs at the capability level of the loading
    process. Therefore a DLL must have all capabilities required by all its client executables,
    even if the code within the DLL itself does not require some of these capabilities.
    Taken from S60_Platform_Symbian_Platform_Security_FAQ_v2_0_en.pdf


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