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    Exclamation Nokia 6267 - is there something wrong?

    Hi everyone.
    I recently purchased a 6267 terminal that camed equipped with a 1020 mAh BL-5C battery. From what I heard the 6267 terminal is not included in the list of terminals from the Nokia Product Advisory for the BL-5C battery.
    I also checked my battery authenticity.
    But let me tell you my situation.
    From my understanding the Li-Ion batteries don't have to be formatted. Still I let my cell phone to shut down when by itself. When I plugged the recharger I noticed the charging animation on my minidisplay. The thing is that after almost 24 hours that animation was still there. (this was the first charging I performed)
    After that I unplugged the cell phone and started it. The battery only lasted for 2 days. On the second time I kept it for 36 hours and still the animation from my minidisplay didn't disapeared.
    Maybe I don't know what to expect.
    Shouldn't that animation disapear when the battery is fully charged?
    If not, why is taking so long to recharge?
    Do you think is something wrong with my cell or its battery?

    P.S. Do you think I made a good choice?

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    Re: Nokia 6267 - is there something wrong?

    I purchased a 6267 mobile phone some days ago.
    First time I charged the battery just for 2 hours (I think it was already "tested" in the shop so it was not first time charging) and I used the phone for 2 days.
    Second time (2 days ago) I re-charged the battery this time for about 4 hours (also if the mini-display animation was off, telling me that the charge was completed) and today the battery is working full charged. I think you have a problem with your terminal because 24 or 36 hours are surely not a typical situation.
    My phone (and so the battery) is made in Hungary.

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