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    how to change the color of the Highlight item in the listbox

    Hi All,
    Iam unable to change the color of the highlight rectangle over the item in the listbox. iam using the listbox type is CAknColumnListBox. The default color is light blue. i want to change it orange color. the code i wrote for it is shown here. iam working on S60 3ed FP1 sdk verstion. any suggestions please??

    m_iListBox = new (ELeave) CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox();
    m_iListBox->ConstructL (this, EAknListBoxSelectionList);
    m_iListBox->SetContainerWindowL (*this);

    m_iListBox->ScrollBarFrame()->SetScrollBarVisibilityL( CEikScrollBarFrame::EAuto, CEikScrollBarFrame::EAuto );



    m_iListBox->View()->ItemDrawer()->SetTextColor (TRgb(200,140,20));

    SetRect( aRect );

    thanks in advance..

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