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    license cost beyond symbian signing

    Does anybody know if there are additional license costs for publishing my applications on Nokia Symbian 3rd beyond symbian signing? I couldn't find any information. So I guess if I pay for symbian signing programm I am allowed to publish and sell application to customer. Am I right?
    What about self signed application. Am I allowed to sell these applications on nokia/symbian smartphones too -without paying money for license?
    Sorry, but this point is not really clear to me. Can anybody give me a reliable answer

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    Re: license cost beyond symbian signing

    If you own everything in your application (i.e. don't have to license it from some 3rd party) then you can sell it without paying anything.

    If your application needs to use some sensitive capabilities then you must get it Symbian Signed. If not then you can self sign and the user just gets a warning on installation.

    Last time I checked large content aggregators like Handango did not insist on Symbian signing.

    You don't need to license anything from Nokia or Symbian to sell applications for their platform.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: license cost beyond symbian signing

    Short copy from FAQ

    Self Signed
    The developer signs the SIS package with a self generated certificate (SDK has the tools to do this or Carbide does this automatically)
    Required for the application to install
    The application can have a limited number of capabilities (ReadUserData, WriteUserData, NetworkServices, LocalServices & UserEnvironment)

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