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    no scrollbar/slider in Listbox

    Actually I'm using a Listbox with a variable number of items. Neither on my S60 3rd mobile (6120c) nor in the Emulator (S60 3rd FP1) a scrollbar/slider is shown on the right hand margin of the screen when more items are in the Listbox than fit in the screen. This makes it unpossible to see if there might be more items 'out of sight' other than by 'test scrolling'.

    Is this a general behaviour of the Listbox or do I observe this by chance?

    TIA Martin

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    Re: no scrollbar/slider in Listbox

    Hi dehlerm!

    This is a normal behavior. I've tried to implement it in C++ without real success. So I think we just have to be patient for now and hope that the feature will come in some future releases.

    Nokia E61 3rd Edition - pys60 1.4.0

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    Re: no scrollbar/slider in Listbox

    There is still missing slider in the CAknDoubleStyleListBox(SDK 9.2). The slider is visible in the Application Editor, but not in the application running in the device. Does anybody know about a wiki or workaround for this?

    UPDATE: Well I did not use correct term. I meant he scroll bar. Here is the solution for the container's ConstructL().

        iListBox->ScrollBarFrame()->SetTypeOfVScrollBar(CEikScrollBarFrame::ENormalScrollBar );
        iListBox->ScrollBarFrame()->SetScrollBarVisibilityL(CEikScrollBarFrame::EOff, CEikScrollBarFrame::EAuto);
        SetRect( aRect );
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