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    N95 using Voipstunt problem

    Hello i have a question, i have been looking for it but i couldn't find it.

    I have the n95, i want to use voipstunt, everytime the proxy server address changes automatic from sip.voipstunt.com to sip:sip.voipstunt.com, the first setting works ok for me then when it changes automaticly to the second i can't phone anymore as it has been changed automatic to the other one.
    The same thing happens at the Registrar server.

    I hope someone knows the solution

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    Re: N95 using Voipstunt problem

    Hi, did you ever solve this problem? I have the same issue

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    Re: N95 using Voipstunt problem

    No one replies because this forum is for developer's support. You should go to http://www.nokia.com/discussions/ for help with using VoIP.


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