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    JSR 272 download

    I'm very interested in jsr272 and I would like to use it.

    where can I download class files of jsr272 ?

    thank you very much

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    Re: JSR 272 download

    Nowhere, probably (unless there's some PC-emulator reference implementation).

    If you want to use it on a device, you can't download and install it yourself, but have to find a device that includes (comes with) JSR-272 support.

    If there are Nokia devices with JSR-272 support out there, you'll find them through http://forum.nokia.com/devices (FWIW, it isn't listed as a supported JSR for, e.g., the N77 or N92 which are the two Nokia devices with DVB-H mobile [TV] broadcasting support in hw and sw).

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    Re: JSR 272 download

    A bit late, however, for those coming from a Internet search engine: In 2011, Nokia Symbian added Broadcast API (JSR-272) …

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