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Thread: Active Standby

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    Active Standby

    Hey all,
    Is it possible to add custom things to the active standby, for example on the n95, theres only a calendar, and a radio n music player pop in there when left open, now is there any chance of me adding something like a weather forecast or news reel there?


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    Re: Active Standby

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Discussion board !

    This forum is actually a developer forum, mainly meant to be used for developing questions, so if you would like to do that inside your own application, then I would have to say that you can not, since the APIs for this purpose are not public.

    And if you are asking how to modify it, with normal pone applications, then just go to the Tools->settings->General->personalization->Standby mode, and change the values from there.

    Anyway, better place for end-user questions would propably be this forum :http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/discussions/


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    Re: Active Standby

    cheers mate :)

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