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    application causes phone to malfunction

    hey, i have a nokia 6680.

    i downloaded this application then my phone suddenly stops responding.
    i removed the battery and switch it on but it cannot enter to the menu and it stops functioning. i already formatted my memory card in another phone but the problem still exists.

    someone told me to reformat my phone memory. i tried to deep reset it using *#7370# but it cannot continue because the phone stops responding.

    i really need all your help.

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    Re: application causes phone to malfunction

    Welcome to teh forum, one thing you could try is to give three-finger-salute to your device, just hold green+*+3 when starting it up, and it should do the formatting pretty nicely (note that you'll lose data on this, just as you would with normal formatting).

    For the future purposes, you might want to install all new applications first to your memory card, so you can get them out if they start causing problems.


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