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    Speaker and Volume Audio Control for an active GSM call

    Hello All,

    Our application correctly handles GSM calls and the CTelephony Tel. application runs in the background of our application.

    I would like to control the audio of the currently active GSM call, such as Activate/Deactivate the loud speaker and control the volume directly from our application.

    Are there any API that will allow me to control the volume and the speaker when in a GSM call directly,
    i.e Loudspeaker control without using the APS Server and volume control without using the CR keys.

    I also know there is an extension API that allows the control of Mute/Unmute when in a call but couldn't find anything similar for volume and speaker.

    Thank you for all of your help, and sorry if my question has an obvious answer, I looked for a while on the forums without finding such an API, but it feels it should exist,

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    Re: Speaker and Volume Audio Control for an active GSM call

    Take a look at TwoCenRepKeysToControlPhoneVolume in http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/SDK_API_Plugin

    What you can't currently do is change the routing from loudspeaker to earpiece and vice versa in 3.1 (Nokia is working on this as a thread posted by nly in this forum tells you). In 3.0 APS has a bug which makes this possible.


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