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    Connection - Nokia PC connectivity SDK 2.1

    Hi, there!

    I am using Nokia PC connectivity SDK 2.1 to develop a simple VB application to get GSM network parameters. I am working with a Nokia 5190 phone in 1900Mhz GSM network.

    What I got:

    My application only works when the connection between PC and Nokia 5190 built by the Nokia Connection Manager.

    My question is:

    Does it mean that any application developed based on Nokia PC connectivity SDK 2.1 has to be run on the connection built by the Nokia connection manager? PhoneInfo_suite3 component, such as PhoneInfo Interface, can only get phone information when the connection already built by Nokia connection manager?

    Thank you for your attention!


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    Re: Connection - Nokia PC connectivity SDK 2.1

    where can we download the sdk?

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