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    Free VIOP SMS and Internet call from UK abroad during 2007

    A UK based company gives Free VIOP SMS and Internet call from UK abroad during 2007. This includes *inbound* from other countries eg. calls from US to UK phones when using GSM is cheaper as the call is bought to the UK then charged as a UK local call.

    free £2 call on full online registration,great support,very easy to configure.
    I have no connection with the company just found this whilst testing SIP using S60 3rd EDition SIS.

    Free national and international calls for 2007 to fully registered users.
    Free national SMS texts using companies software.

    see entry at http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...tions#TruPhone

    I use unlocked prepaid pay-as-you-go N95 and E61 so I would be interested to see if this works on a "Locked" to carrier phone. If this works on your phone leave a message with which phone and country and carriers service provider phone name you tried this on.
    The transmission works on WLAN phones and its very unlikely that the service provider will unlock the required UDP ports to run over their 3G network.

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