Hi, there!

I am using Nokia PC connectivity SDK 2.1 to develop a simple VB application to get GSM network parameters. I am working with a Nokia 5190 phone in 1900Mhz GSM network.

What I got:

When I used PhoneInfo_suite3.IphoneStatus' property RFLevel to retrieve
the phone's current RF level, I got values, like 3, 4, 5... And I got the same values from SignalStrengthChange event's nSignal when I used INetworkNotify interface.

My question is:

Are they the right values I suppose to get? If so, what the relationship between the RFlevel or Signal Strength and Rxlevel in dBm
of serving cell channel's RF level (in the first display on Field test it usually has values like -84, -86, -93...)? How and where can I get completed GSM network parameters?

Thank you for your attention!