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    Symbian Series 60 Full sample code availability

    Are there any full sample applications available? E.g. such as the Snake Ex game source code. Just some thing that gives the full spectrum of a product. I have produced a simple game using the Series 60 SDK, I'm now trying to get the front end produced in a simmilar fashion to the Snake Ex game. I'm having trouble sorting out what is needed to get this lot working, e.g. game data load and save, high score tables and such like.

    Cheers for any advice,

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    RE: Symbian Series 60 Full sample code availability


    Have you seen the SDK examples on file storing and streaming? Examples are in epoc32ex/Base/FileServer and in epoc32ex/Base/FileStores. See also "Series60/Series60Doc/Guide for application developers on receiving game data.pdf".

    Hopefully these can provide help,

    Ari / Forum Nokia

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