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    Failed to RLibrary.load dll with OpenC

    I have a executable .exe , loading a dll via using RLibrary.load.

    1,I can succeeded in loading the dll on emulator in Symbian C++ env.

    2,but I add several APIs provided by OpenC , such as fopen, fwrite, into the dll, can succeeded in compiling. but I failed to load the dll, the return error code is -2 (libc.lib have been added into the .mmp file)

    who can give the solution? thanks firstly.
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    Re: Failed to RLibrary.load dll with OpenC

    I 've sovled the issue, the issue is caused by carbide.vs, I import the mmp into codewarrior, after compiled the dll , I can succeed in loading the dll on emulator,

    I can understood like that carbide.vs have provide the c runtime library link, , if we add the estlib.lib(using c of symbian) or libc.lib(using Openc), into the carbide IDE, we will failed to compiled the dll which can be loaded right. we expect carbdie.vs be improved .

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