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    Security for a .sis application

    Which is a good method to be sure that my application cannot be replied on other smart phone? I have signed my applicatioin with a self-signed certificate using my Imei number and I want to know if there is somethink more to do!!! Example: testing telephon number of smart phone, model of smart phone,size of the memory of the smart phone,etc.....

    Thanks a lot.......

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    Unhappy Re: Security for a .sis application

    I have the same problem to protect a .py application. Which is a good tecnique?

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    Re: Security for a .sis application

    I believe there no way to protect SIS application. However, it has a way to protect our mobile application.

    my humble suggestion is....

    If you are targeting your application to offer commercial, think for a "PASS BACK system". Where in, you can get back to your application upon connecting on the internet or reading inbox. Use SMS or internet functionality.

    From your mobile application, create a function for software registration where it will trow a sms message composing of its IMEI number to your receiving system. If this IMEI is valid user, then from you receiving system, reply an authentication message where your mobile application is waiting for it. then save it in e:\\path\\license.txt. then the next time your mobile application run, it will read first the license.txt.

    just an idea.

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    Re: Security for a .sis application

    Unfortunately, that idea is also easy to work around (patch out/bypass the instructions that do such checks).

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