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Thread: NFC + Mifare

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    NFC + Mifare

    My company provides Mifare 1K card systems throughout New Zealand.

    I am keen to use the Nokia 6131 NFC for various applications but the handset is not yet available in NZ.

    Can you tell me when (If) the handset will be available, and also, if I buty a 6131 from elsewhere in the world wether it will work in NZ.

    Finally, I presume the API has the full Mifare functionality, including the ability to define proprietary sector access keys (A / B) so that others cannot access our data.

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    Re: NFC + Mifare

    Hi Daggar,

    Yes, You can buy a Nokia phone and it would work for sure in NZ. Its based on GSM band.

    Right, You can define your own keys (A/B) for sector Access

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