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    Do Carbide.ui support other image file format, beside bmp file??

    Hi to everyone, i wonder Carbide.ui support for other image's file format in stead of only bmp file?? T

    his problem occur because i has a beautiful clock image where it has transparent effect (in .png format), when i put it into carbide, it auto convert it to bmp file, in order to show the transparent, i am force to make the mask by myself, it's really trouble to me, why can't carbide.ui like series 40 theme editor, can support for png file which save me from making the mask??

    Or anyone know how i can skip from this troublesome process??


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    Re: Do Carbide.ui support other image file format, beside bmp file??

    I've written a simple tool which is available on : http://www.ruefa.com/png2bmp2/

    It's a converter from PNG to 24bit BMP and to 8bit BMP MASK.

    I hope it will help you..


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