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    Newbie question: EAIF standard interface proprietary?

    I downloaded several PDFs, including the "Nokia MultiMedia Messaging Service Center - External Application Interface FAQ".

    In there it stated, and I quote:

    "Q.2 Is EAIF a standarized interface or a Nokia proprietary solution?

    A.2 Current MMS standardization does not completely standardize the application interface of the MMSC. The standards specify two alternative protocols, which can be used. Thus the external application interface complies with the standardization, but some of its function are Nokia proprietary."

    I don't understand it. I thought WAP-230-WSP defines the protocol to be used, and thus, it should also be used between an MMSC and an external application ... or anything that interfaces with an MMSC for that matter. I am here equating the "application interface" == "protocol" ... and use HTTP 1.1 functionality.

    What am I missing? Which part is proprietary?

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    RE: Newbie question: EAIF standard interface proprietary?

    When application interface for NOKIA MMSC was introduced, the standardisation was not defining the protocol between EA and MMSC (or was saying it very widely). Nokia deside to do an own implementation before the standard was finalised. Nokia implementation uses so-called MM1 encapsulation for content and HTTP and some Nokia-specific headers for transfer. Other vendors (if they have EA i/f) may have choosen other protocol. The protocol e.g. giving back the message ID is proprietary.

    Now there is a standard defined (SOAP-based MM7) protocol. Nokia will support it in the next release and also provide SDKs etc. for making applications using MM7. To my knowledge there should be available tools around 03/2003.

    Nokia will still continue supporting EAIF at least for some time for backward compability and maybe also for features and performance.

    Basicly with MM7 EA developer only needs to develope only one application, which then works in every vendor's MMSC. The issue is, when all the vendor's have MM7 interface available.

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