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    The SIP VoIP settings tool does not work full out

    The tool should permit settings to show available WCDMA access points. Have spent some hours but I do not manage to get any WCDMA access points in the display of the terminal to chose from. I only get WLAN access points as a choice.

    Using an E61 with 3.0633.09.04 firmware => VoIP rel. 2.0

    The SIP VoIP settings tool seems to work regarding the other parameters. To my knowledge nothing should be provisioned to prevent the display of WCDMA access points.

    Anyone who can tell what is the cause?

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    Re: The SIP VoIP settings tool does not work full out

    As far as I know VoIP 2.0 works only over WLAN.
    This is probably the reason the tool does not show WCDMA access points.

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    Re: The SIP VoIP settings tool does not work full out

    In a file from Nokia “Client_Provisioning_Registration_v1_7.zip” there are examples on how to provision. One of the files indicates it should be possible to use VoIP over WCDMA. The quote below is from a file named w9013.txt, contained in the file above:

    <!-- Nokia VoIP release 2.0 settings, w9013 -->
    <characteristic type="APPLICATION">
    <parm name="APPID" value="w9013"/>
    <parm name="PROVIDER-ID" value="Example provider"/>
    <parm name="NAME" value="VoIP settings "/>
    <parm name="TO-APPREF" value="Example link to SIP"/>
    <parm name="SMPORT" value="1026"/>
    <parm name="EMPORT" value="1032"/>
    <parm name="MEDIAQOS" value="46"/>
    <parm name="NODTMFIB"/>
    <parm name="NODTMFOOB"/>
    <parm name="SECURECALLPREF" value="1"/>
    <parm name="PROFILELOCKEDTOIAP"/>
    <parm name="ALLOWVOIPOVERWCDMA"/>
    <parm name="RTCP" value="0"/>
    <parm name="UAHTERMINALTYPE" value="0"/>
    <parm name="UAHWLANMAC" value="0"/>
    <parm name="UAHSTRING" value="Example string"/>

    It would be very nice to hear from those who have used the SIP VoIP settings tool to successfully set the use of VoIP over WCDMA.

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    Re: The SIP VoIP settings tool does not work full out

    I have found further problems using the SIP VoIP Settings tool with my E61. Above about problems to change the setting for “Allow VoIP over WCDMA”. I have also found other parameters under “Profile settings” which can not be changed with the tool. Start getting the suspicion that I can not change any parameter under “Profile settings”.

    I have managed to change the priority between codecs as well as NAT firewall settings.

    Anyone who has managed to change any settings under “Profile settings” with the tool?

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    The WCDMA access points show up in the Internet Telephony app access point selection list in the newer devices (at least N95, E90, E61i, N80IE [latest SW releases]) => Nokia VoIP rel 2.1 devices seem to be better compatible with the ALLOWVOIPOVERWCDMA setting.

    Please note that it should still be possible to use a WCDMA ap to log on to your VoIP service by manually modifying your SIP profile settings. (set the access point to a wcdma ap and set your registration mode to automatic => the connection should be automatically created.)

    Use the following line in your xml to set the WCDMA setting.
    <parm name="ALLOWVOIPOVERWCDMA" value="1"/>

    Forum Nokia

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    Re: The SIP VoIP settings tool does not work full out

    Thank you petro for the work-around to use WCDA for a VoIP service, it works.

    It is not just the setting of the parameter “ALLOWVOIPOVERWCDMA” which doesn't work. I have verified three more parameters under “Profile settings” in the tool which doesn't work. It is all parameters which are easy to check, have not tried to verify other parameters than those below. It seems that something is fundamentally wrong when using the tool with Nokia VoIP rel 2.0.

    The ones I have verified as not working are; “Start media port”, “End media port”, “Allow VoIP over WCDMA” and “UA Header: term. Type”.

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