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    Symbian code library?

    I'm busy coding in Symbian and implementing a lot of basic functionality that I'm sure we've all implemented many times over -

    * A local http server interface for flash and python content to access symbian features

    * A connection management system to automatically choose the best available connection based on user preferences without a symbian popup, switch from wifi to gprs depending on what's available dynamically, etc.

    Is there a code library of open source classes for these basic kinds of things? If not, I'd be happy to make a start - many posts on these forums are people looking to do the same basic things which there could be an easy to use set of classes and facades for. I've searched and not found anything along these lines, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

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    Re: Symbian code library?

    Good Point.
    If you start a Open Source Project on it. Let me know.
    I will be very happy to contribute.

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    Re: Symbian code library?

    For the first one, there are inherent security issues with an http server, there is an open source application http://www.midpjni.com/

    For the second, look at the CApSelect class.

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