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    Exclamation socket connect error on S60 2.0 SDK

    here is some example code in S60 2.0 SDK HELP Docs:
    RSocketServ ss;
    TRequestStatus status;

    const TInt KEchoPort = 7;

    TInetAddr destAddr;

    // Connect to the socket server

    // Open an RConnection object. Note that you must provide the RSocketServ object
    // conn.Open(ss);

    // Create overrides
    TCommDbConnPref prefs
    prefs. SetDialogPreference(ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt);

    // Start an Outgoing Connection with overrides

    // Open a Host Resolver associated with the connection
    RHostResolver hr;
    hr.Open(ss, KAfInet, KProtocolInetTcp, conn);

    // Open a Socket associated with the connection
    RSocket sock;
    sock.Open(ss, KAfInet, KSockStream, KProtocolInetTcp, conn);

    // Request the Socket to connect to the destination
    sock.Connect(destAddr, status);

    every time the code execute to this line:
    // Start an Outgoing Connection with overrides

    the program will hang at there, can't response any interactive, such as switch to foreground

    can anyone is kind to told me how to connect to internet on S60 2.0 platform(it is on Nokia 6600),exactly 2.0, not 2.1 or upper version.

    pls help me, 3ks.

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    Re: socket connect error on S60 2.0 SDK

    The SDK also says "Explicit Connection Startup"
    Quote Originally Posted by bjtwtx View Post
    This line selects the IAP with identifier 4. If you have no IAP with identifier 4 configured - and it is likely the case - that can be a problem.
    Note that it also says: "See TCommDbConnPref for information about how to set up the connection."

    Anyway, these classes are not really documented in the 2nd ed. noFP SDK, so you can consider getting more detailed documentation from the Symbian site (http://developer.symbian.com/main/oslibrary/)
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