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    Installing Python 1.4.0 step by step for a bigginer


    i have downloaded all the files from the website for 1.4.0, but i dont know how to install them.

    there are zip files and sis files, 16 files total.

    can someone please guide me step by step how to install them on the pc and on the phone which is 6630 2nd ed phone. and is there supposed to be a user interface for the program or just type code in text editor and send to phone ???

    please assume i never used python before

    thank you

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    Re: Installing Python 1.4.0 step by step for a bigginer

    Hello AnasMA and welcome to the DiBo

    I gues you have downloaded python for s60 version 1.4.0.You have to use the sis file in the zip file and install that to your device.Also you will need to install the python shell.You can find the resource link in my signature. And yes you have to you can type the code in a text editor of your choice(But you got to make sure to save them with a .py extension)
    Then transfer these .py files to your Device install them as python scripts and then run then in python console on the device...
    You can aslo download an emulator in case you want to test your scrips on the PC itself and not to transfer it to the device to test them.
    You can look at the Guide to Installation of Python at my py60 at http://croozeus.googlepages.com/installation

    Hope that helps
    Pankaj Nathani

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