Hi Nokia Experts and Symbian developers,

I get a big problem with Nokia Signing and I think that there are so many developers get the same problem to me. I signed my application and installed it perfectly onto my phone (N95) and my friend phone (E60). But when I deliver it to my client , he can't install it to his phone (N95) ?! He got the message "Unable to install. Constrained by the certificate" !

People say this problem is come by setting wrong IMEIs but the IMEIs are correct! Why it can install perfectly on my phone and E60 but can't install on my client phone ?!

I found a topic somewhere in this discussion board said that "change the installation dir to epoc32". I made this change and got a further step on my client phone, it asked for memory device to install on (Phone memory or Ext Memory card) then after selecting 1 device, it showed this error message ?!

I dont understand and find no way to solve it because I can't guess where it the root cause of this problem ?!

I did hard-reset the phone, I did upgrade the new firmware of the phone, I did format the phone and I did set the phone to allow install all applications but IT DOESN'T WORK!

Anyone help me to solve this problem please ? I highly appreciate