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    Push protocol support

    Posted by Radu Teodorescu, rteodorescu@kana.com
    on July 13, 2000 at 03:11

    I was wondering if anyone give me some help on how to develop servelets capable of using a push protocol. I have the feeling the Developer's Guide for WAP toolkit, is rather a bad joke when it comes to push protocol:
    - the Stock sample are incomplete and as much as they are are full of mistakes.
    - I haven't found any reference to an existing API that would allow to actually send a message
    - After correcting a lot of bugs I've managet to get StockServlet sample to run but I have no clue how to launch the push initiator.

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    RE: Push protocol support

    Posted by Simon Murton, simon_murton@uk.ibm.com
    on July 13, 2000 at 12:22

    Push (tab)
    Create Msg (button)
    href (field) give it the http://url.of.your/servlet/?id=something
    Text Message (field) Any old text to display on phone

    Have to use WAP1.2 phone "Blueprint"

    press OK sends the message to phone, the Text Message is displayed and OK on the phone sends your href.

    Only got this to work using the http settings not the WAP Gateway..so have the StockServlet running on IBM WebSphere not Nokia Wap Server

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