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    regarding using Extensions plug-in for s60 3.1

    hi all,

    does the Extensions plug-in work on the Emulator?
    (somewhere i read it works only on devices and even the libraries provided is only for ARM-based architecture. so thought it does not work on Emulator.)

    If i would like to develop VoIP Client application with manufacturer-granted capabilities(MultimediaDD and NetworkControl) and use Extensions plug-in APIs(i.e., RTP APIs etc.,), then
    1. if Extensions plug-in does NOT work on the Emulator, then how can the application developed be tested on the 3.1 Device?
    (Access to most sensitive APIs and capabilities is granted after the S60 platform and Nokia’s approval. The process for getting these capabilities is described below. http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/tech..._granting.html

    2. Should the application be Symbian signed i.e., pass the required Nokia Test criteria and then only can the Application be tested on the 3.1 device?


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    Re: regarding using Extensions plug-in for s60 3.1

    if there are no libraries provided for the emulator build, then you can not use these API's on the emulator, but you are required to use real device to test them.

    Developer certificate with required manufacturer capabilities allows you to test these API's in the device just as developer certificates without manufacturer capabilities.

    So, you could try following the steps for applying manufacturer approved capabilities, lately I have noticed that they are working really efficiently on nokia testing, and they'll process all request a lot faster than earlier.


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