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    WTLS problem(this is my second time I post this and no answer)

    I am using the Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1 and for my application I need a secure connection.
    When I set the device settings (7210 Mobile simulator) on secured connection,
    and I did configured the wap gateway for the use of wtls.
    The device isn't able to make a secure connection and the error is: Connection Security must be enabled on your device to connect to this server".
    And the Toolkit's debug log messages is:


    Loading URL(http://localhost/MobileWebApplication1/Login.aspx) @ Tue Nov 26 15:23:41 EET 2002

    Host -> Sim: Load URL

    Sending Data: [04,00,1F,00,00,00,32,00,68,74,74,70,3A,2F,2F,6C,6F,63,61,6C,68,6F,73,74,2F,4D,6F,62,69,6C,65,57,65,62,41,70,70,6C,69,63,61,74,69,6F,6E,31,2F,4C,6F,67,69,6E,2E,61,73,70,78,00]

    the second parameter is:http://localhost/MobileWebApplication1/Login.aspx

    the second parameter is:12

    Sim -> Host: History push
    Can you help me Plz.

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    RE: WTLS problem(this is my second time I post this and no answer)


    please note that the Nokia 7210 Mobile Handset Simulator is a BETA-version and there can be e.g. this kind of behavior.

    Pete / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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