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    Unhappy How to open file with fopen()?How to get data with fread()?

    I use AknCommonDialogs::RunSelectDlgLD to select file. Then How to open it with fopen()?How to get data with fread()?

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    Re: How to open file with fopen()?How to get data with fread()?

    If you are already writing new Symbian-specific code, I think you are better off with the native Symbian APIs. For example, use RFs, RFile etc. for file access.

    AknCommonDialogs::RunSelectDlgLD() places the file name in a 16-bit descriptor. To use it with fopen(), you will have to convert it to a 8-bit zero-terminated C string. With RFIle you can pass in file names as 16-bit descriptors so you do no need to do any conversions.

    Furthermore, standard C file access examples are all over the internet. A good starting point is the s60opencdoc.chm documentation supplied with Open C.


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    Re: How to open file with fopen()?How to get data with fread()?

    Some basic ways to use it will be like this

    #include <libc\stdio.h >

    char* name = "C:\\Media files\\document\\Logs.txt";
    FILE *file_lp;

    file_lp = fopen (name, "r");
    if (file_lp == NULL)
    /* Can't open the file in read mode */
    // free any memory allocated
    return (-1);

    // for reading character by character
    int ret_l;
    ret_l = fgetc(file_lp);

    // closing the file

    // for more info about fread refer this link


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