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    i m having few queries..plz help me with it plzzzzzzz

    1) i have nokia6630 EGPRS conncetion, i have installed racoon 0.9.2 bundled with 1.3.17 racoon, when m running my raccon other things dont seem to work fast on the fone like copying or sending or even browsing well maybe tat is coz of less ram... does this affect the way racoon acts with the GPRS signal i mean .... problem is tat i get connected and get dc very quickly...

    2) i have done a speed test from my phone from a web browser which shows this result

    url of the test speed site http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed

    i did a 50k speed test in html page it gave me speed as


    2.516s latency

    15.115 d/l time


    can u suggest me wat setting should i keep in my racoon software i mean the keepalivemax interval & latency also wat shud be reconnect interval.. the default seem to keep me offline a lot

    3) what can be done to make the site stay online for max time as my gprs connection gets disconnected if not active...

    please help me with this i will be very happy to run my site for the maximum time... i get good speeds on cell but problem is the connection if gets inactive gets to act strange wat can be done to keep the connection active wth the gateway

    waiting for replies...
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