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    [announce] Ensymble v0.24

    Here's a new version of Ensymble, with many requested new features. Ensymble is a tool that can be used to make Symbian Installation Packages (SIS files) for PyS60 applications. Ensymble supports S60 3rd Edition phones only.

    Changes since v0.23:

    • Added --autostart option to the py2sis command, like in the official py2sis from Nokia.
    • Added --vendor option to the py2sis command for setting the vendor name shown during SIS installation.
    • Added infoe32 command for inspecting Symbian OS e32image files (EXEs, DLLs), contributed by Martin Storsjö.

    I cannot test the pre-squeezed Python 2.5 version, so please report if it works or not.

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    Re: [announce] Ensymble v0.24

    I have no way to test the resulting sis file but it built Ped installation file successfully.

    Thanks for this release, ensymble is really a fine tool. It should be added to PyS60 by default.

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