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    Build environment problem


    I had working build environment for multiple SDKs until I interrupted building in command line using ctrl+c. I'm using scripts for building so I'm not sure which command was in run but most likely bldmake bldfiles or abld clean. I was using S60 3rd FP1. After interrupt I got always error "no element found at line 1, column 0, byte 0 at Parser.pm line 187" when I call bldmake.

    First I tried to reinstall Perl (activePerl) but it didn't help. After that I have manually removed SDKs, symbian tools, symbian related register values and basicly everything related to symbian programming what comes to my mind.

    Now my problem is that I cannot even install 3rd FP1 SDK, after installation is almost finished I get error that some file cannot be deleted because its in use and problem comes from XML_Handlings.rul script.

    I suspect that SDK installation fails because of same problem that with bldmake.

    I have seen this same problem with Perl once before and that time my friend had to finally format whole C: drive. I would like to avoid that.

    Anybody have any ideas how to fix this problem?


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    Re: Build environment problem

    Problem solved. I removed devices.xml under C:\Program files\Common\Symbian. Now I'm able to install SDK and build.

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