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    Python and database

    I sought an example of how to build an application using the database's native environment Symbian written in Python. But so far not had success. I would like to see it published here. I know how to use SQL statements (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). This missing me learn more about SELECT, and exporting the data to the PC. I count on the cooperation of friends. Thanks.

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    Re: Python and database

    Some snippets exist at snippets.dzone.com (i.e., quoting in insert statements)

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    Re: Python and database

    See the wiki, of course. For instance: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/How_to_use_SQL
    Also if you've been using native C++ API for database, you'll find PyS60 implementation very similar in terms of the interace.
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    Re: Python and database

    i didnt want to start new thread for this!

    i have my database selecting what i want and updating it, thats fine.

    and i have seen example script where i can check the number of databases i have in my directories, and this works fine.

    But how do i check all the tables in a particular database?

    i know the mySql syntx is something like "show tables" but im wondering about how to do this in pys60?

    Thank you all

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