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    Problem in Getting Location.....


    i am using the code below to getting current location but i received error code "-33" in Integerated GPS and "-2" in Network based.

    const TInt KSecond = 1000000;
    //Update interval
    const TInt KUpdateInterval = KSecond;
    //Update time out
    const TInt KUpdateTimeOut = 100*KSecond;
    const TInt KMaxAge = 500000;
    //The name of the requestor
    _LIT(KRequestor,"First GPS Application");

    void CActiveLocation::ConstructL()

    // Connect to the position server
    TInt error = iPositionServer.Connect( );

    TPositionModuleId zModuleId;
    error = iPositionServer.GetDefaultModuleId(zModuleId);
    TPositionModuleInfo zModuleInfo;
    error = iPositionServer.GetModuleInfoById(zModuleId,zModuleInfo);
    TBuf<256> zModuleName;
    CLogger::LogDebug(_L("LocationDebugLog.txt"),_L("Module Name"));

    // Open subsession to the position server
    error = iPositioner.Open(iPositionServer);

    TBuf<256> zRequester;
    // Set position requestor
    error = iPositioner.SetRequestor( CRequestor::ERequestorService ,
    CRequestor::EFormatApplication , KRequestor );

    // Set update interval to one second to receive one position data per second
    TPositionUpdateOptions upOpt;

    // Enables location framework to send partial position data

    // Set update options
    error = iPositioner.SetUpdateOptions( upOpt );



    device i am using is N95.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problem in Getting Location.....


    I also faced with problem getting error code -2 (KErrGeneral) when trying to receive Position Info from Network based module. I have used code based on LBSPositionRequestor from LocationRefAppForS60 example of S60 3rd MR SDK.
    Device under testing - E51.

    1) I checked what modules are present on device: Bluetooth GPS and Network based.
    2) I think mobile operator supports Network based positioning, because other application which is installed on my phone successfully detects my position.
    3) This code successfully works on emulator.

    Please help to detect why Network based positioning doesn't work.


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    Re: Problem in Getting Location.....


    Can anybody help me with this issue. Still I can't resolve it.
    If you need additional info please request me.

    Thanks a lot

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